Earth And Its Many Wonders

The_Earth_seen_from_Apollo_17Earth is an amazing planet – and it’s the only planet that we are 100% sure is capable of sustaining life.

Here are some facts about earthquakes, the planet we live on, the oceans we sail, and some of the other amazing aspects of our unique world.

It May Be A Living Creature

According to the Gaia Hypothesis, Earth may be a living creature with the ability to self-regulate pollution and other problems. Sounds science fiction-y to some, but this bizarre theory has yet to be disproved by scientists.

Earth Had A Twin

Earth’s orbit actually was home to two different planets about 4.5 billion years ago – Gaia (our planet) and Theia. Theia and Gaia collided, causing Theia to be knocked out of orbit while our Earth continues to circle the sun. Where exactly did Theia end up, you ask? Well, that’ s now our moon.

Only Earth Has Plate Techtonics – At Least In The Milky Way!

One of the most interesting facts about earthquakes that you’ll find is that Earth is the only planet in the Milky Way galaxy to feature techtonic plates. Plate techtonics are what cause the shift in continents over time, as well as earthquakes. No other planet near us has the ability to get earthquakes.

Earth Is Hot!

The Earth’s crust is made out of an alloy of molten iron and nickel, and boy, it takes a lot of heat in order to keep that center molten! The Earth’s core has a heat output of around 5,000 to 7,000 degrees Celsius, making it the second biggest source of heat for its inhabitants. (The biggest source of heat for Earth is the sun, in case you couldn’t figure it out.)

Earth’s Final Frontier Is The Ocean

Over 75% of the Earth’s oceans have not been explored by scientists, and Earth itself is 75% water. This means that there are countless animals that have yet to be discovered, plants that humanity have never laid eyes upon, and entire areas which are totally, completely untouched by man. Why go to space when you can simply dive deep below?

Volcanoes Are The Reason Why We Have So Much Soil

A whopping 80% of the soil on Earth was created by volcanic ash. We also have hundreds of active volcanoes throughout the world. The most impressive volcano in the world is quite possibly the Yellowstone Caldera, located in Yellowstone Park. This supervolcano last erupted over 640,000 years ago and spewed over 240 square miles of lava, ash, and grit when it exploded. (To give you a good idea of how big this volcano is, Yellowstone Caldera’s last explosion was 1,000 times larger than the one that was experienced in Mount St. Helen’s.)

We spend so much time thinking about the stars and other planets that we often forget the incredible complexity of our own planet.  Every time that humanity believes that they finally found the most amazing fact about life on Earth, the planet seems to surprise them with something more unique. There are so many ways to celebrate Mother Nature – why not learn more about our planet by browsing other articles today?